KSAT Community Giving Tuesday: Wonders & Worries

Help support nonprofits during COVID-19

Giving Tuesday
Giving Tuesday

SAN ANTONIO – Our local nonprofits in San Antonio need help from the community now more than ever due to COVID-19 affecting its daily operations.

With an overwhelming response from the community, 36 nonprofit organizations reached out to KSAT Community to be potentially featured for Wishlist Wednesday.

Instead of highlighting one nonprofit for Wishlist Wednesday this week, KSAT Community will be hosting Giving Tuesday to help 36 organizations.

If you would like to learn more about how the Wonders & Worries need support during the pandemic, please see below on the Q&A from the nonprofit.

Q. What is the mission/goal of the nonprofit?

A. Wonders & Worries provides free, professional support for children and teenagers through a parent’s serious illness.

Q. How does the nonprofit help the community?

A. Wonders & Worries’ traditional services include individual sessions for children ages 2-18, group sessions for children ages 5-18, parent consultations, and anticipatory grief support for existing clients. Sessions are led by child life professionals who are trained to help children, teens, and families cope with the stress and uncertainty of illness, injury, and medical treatments. They lead clients through our copyrighted, 6-session, age-appropriate curriculum that is designed to help children and teens strengthen their well-being and cope with a parent’s serious illness. To reach families outside our service area, we recently introduced several new initiatives, including a helpline for parents, a mobile app for teens online training for professionals, and a video series and a podcast for parents.

Q. How has COVID-19 impacted your nonprofit?

A. During the COVID-19 crisis, our team of child life specialists has worked tirelessly to ensure that we are able to provide the support our families need without placing them at additional health risk. By utilizing all of the virtual services we have developed over the past year and adapting our Illness Education and Coping Support curriculum, we will provide continuity of care to existing clients, while continuing to accept referrals for new clients. We are extending our national helpline (844-WE-WONDER) hours to Monday-Thursday from 10:00-4:00 PM CST.

Our research-validated curriculum has been adapted to be delivered in this new format to both maximize activities and supplies that can be in the home and/or done at home. We are offering virtual support with certified child life specialists via video to children and teenagers 5-18, as well as guiding parents in facilitating in-home sessions for children ages 2-18. We are sending kits to clients for those items necessary for the session that a family would likely not have already.

Q. Do you need volunteers?

A. Direct client work is done with our professional child life team. Volunteers are valuable for committee work focusing on development and awareness.

Q. What type of donations do you need?

A. Cash donations are ideal to support the implementation of our virtual support sessions. The Kronkosky Foundation is offering a matching grant up for all funds received up to $37,500.

Walmart gift cards are an excellent way for donors to give directly to families. To do this they need to click on eGift Cards under Walmart Gift Cards on Walmart.com and then enter maria@wondersandworries.org into the “recipient’s email” field.

Another way donors can help is to purchase supplies off Wonders & Worries’ Amazon Wishlist.

Q. How can the community help?

A. Spreading the word of our presence is very helpful and connecting us with medical professionals and HR directors who may want to refer and also have the ability to give back.



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