Henry the hippo, dad of baby Fiona, dies after battling illness

Cincinnati zoo humanely euthanizes beloved hippo

The world was introduced to Henry the hippo after premature baby hippo Fiona found fame.

Henry the hippo, the father of beloved baby hippo Fiona, has died after a months-long "battle with chronic illness," the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden announced Tuesday.

According to the zoo, the hippo had lost hundreds of pounds while "struggling with health issues." After an exam Oct. 31, vet staff determined that the 36-year-old hippo's "quality of life would not improve" and they decided to "humanely euthanize him."

"We are all so sad to lose him," Christina Gorsuch, the zoo's curator of mammals, said in the release. "Everyone loved him. He was a sweet, gentle giant with a big personality. He enjoyed interacting with his caregivers. "

Henry was also "smitten" with Fiona's mom, Bibi. The two adult hippos were put together in July of 2016, and Fiona came soon after, the zoo said.

Fiona was born prematurely and she quickly attracted a global following as she fought to survive. The internet swooned when baby Fiona was introduced to her parents. 

The trio spent most of the summer together playing, soaking and napping together in their outdoor habitat, according to the zoo.

“Henry was happy to have Bibi as his companion and, sooner than expected, to be in a bloat of three,” Gorsuch said in the release. “The girls will be fine as a bloat of two, but they will notice that he’s not around and may wonder why he isn’t making his contact calls.”

A full necropsy will be performed to help vets understand why Henry lost his appetite for no apparent reason, causing his health to decline, the press release said.

The median life expectancy for a Nile hippopotamus is 35 years, the zoo said.

The zoo provided several updates on Henry's health throughout his struggle:

He was also prominently featured in the zoo's popular Fiona updates: