DPS Report: Several violent gangs operating in San Antonio, Texas

Annual report details gang involvement across the Alamo City, state

The Texas Department of Public Safety has released the updated Texas gang threat assessment report, a report is used to provide an overview of gang activity across the state of Texas.

"It's important that all law enforcement agencies and our agencies throughout the nation get together, as to conduct and share information. As we well know, these gangs operate very sophisticated and we want to operate 10 steps ahead of them," said DPS Trooper Anthony Flores.

The assessment includes the gangs relationship with cartels, level of violence and juvenile membership.

"Gang violence and crime are a chief threat to public safety in Texas and protecting our communities remains a top priority," said Flores.

Several gangs are operating locally in San Antonio-- gangs such as the Texas Mexican Mafia, Texas Syndicate and Tango Blast.

All three are near the top of state's list. The top five includes the Tango Blast, Tango Cliques, Texas Syndicate, Texas Mexican Mafia and the Barrio Azteca.

"They are organized organizations that are not to be taken lightly; that's why it's important that all these agencies come together and share information," Flores said.

Law enforcement officials believe gang membership across the state may exceed 100,000 individuals. According to law enforcement the only way to combat them is to understand them.

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