New Planned Parenthood facility sparks protests

Protestors claim city not enforcing zoning for new facility

SAN ANTONIO – Renovations on a building located at 2140 Babcock Road are almost complete, but according to a group of demonstrators, the new facility should not even be allowed to open its doors.

"The Planned Parenthood that is erecting here is going to make it a slaughterhouse of children," said Dawn Milberger, who said she is against Planned Parenthood.

City officials confirmed on Thursday that the building will house a new Planned Parenthood.

However, aside from having issues with the organization itself, some protesters claim the city is not enforcing zoning for the new facility and that the new Planned Parenthood should be zoned as a hospital or trauma center.

"What we're concerned about, what the neighbors are concerned about and what the businesses are concerned about, is the amount of traffic and the impact," said Sandra Garant, an attorney for the Stop Abortion Coalition.

Garant said the new Planned Parenthood is a surgical center and not a medical clinic.

However, city officials said Thursday that the owners of the building are well within their rights to be there.

They said before renovations got underway on the building, it was used for medical offices and because the building is not expanding and because their services are still medical, it is still in compliance with the current zoning.

However, Garant said they are hoping the city will take another look at the paper work and get back to them soon.

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