Six Flags Fiesta Texas debuts new Batman 4D coaster

BATMAN: The Ride opens to park guests on May 23

SAN ANTONIO – The world's first 4D free-fly coaster, BATMAN: The Ride, debuted at Six Flags Fiesta Texas Wednesday morning.  

The wing coaster is being called the most exciting and innovative addition in the park's history.

"Not only does it flip head over heels, but you're actually seated on the side of the track with nothing above you and nothing below you," said Jeffrey Siebert, director of marketing for Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

Riders are propelled straight up a 120-foot elevator-style lift before being flipped head-over-heels at least six times. The ride also has a pair of 90-degree drops.

Six Flags officials say the ride features one-of-a-kind onboard magnetic technology and is as close as you can get to flying without being Batman.

"You're completely in the blind, so you really do need Batman-style bravery -- not necessarily a Batman suit -- but bravery to come and challenge this crazy ride," Siebert said.

The seats spin using magnet technology.

"The magnets interact with certain areas of the ride that cause the flipping head over heels," Siebert said. "You never know if you're going to flip forward or backward or when the next big drop is coming."

Fans will also enjoy several special effects prior to getting on the coaster, including the world-famous Batmobile and Bat-Signal.

The coaster officially opens to park guests on Saturday, May 23.

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