Tip for drivers: Don't block an intersection


What do you do when you get to an intersection and the light's green but traffic isn't moving? What do you do when you REALLY need to make a U-turn? Officer Marcus Trujillo explains what you should do in each situation.

"So you're at an intersection - whether it be a four-way stop, a three-way intersection or a traffic controlled intersection that is controlled by traffic lights - here is the dilemma: when can you proceed through the intersection and when do you have to wait and when do you have to allow space? You cannot block the intersection. If there's not sufficient room for you to safely cross, key words safely cross, completely through the intersection and have the tail end of your vehicle completely out of the intersection, then you must wait for the next light cycle. Everybody gets frustrated and everybody wants to hurry up and get where they're going, so you're not the only one that's in a hurry. Everybody needs to get to their destination. However, if you block the intersection, now you've created a greater hazard because as soon as those lights change now you're blocking cross traffic and no one can get through that intersection. You could cause an accident. Don't block the intersection. Take a little bit more patience when you head out on the roadway or if need be leave a little bit earlier."

"When can you legally make a U-turn? If there's no sign prohibiting the U-turn and you're not crossing double solid yellow lines, then you can make a U-turn."