Hoverboard catches fire at downtown San Antonio hotel

Fire starts on second floor of Hotel Valencia

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SAN ANTONIO – A hoverboard caught fire Friday afternoon at a hotel in downtown San Antonio.

It happened about 4 p.m. at the Hotel Valencia on East Houston Street.

"Next thing you know is that it starts steaming up, steamed up a little bit. Kind of went away and thought everything was good and second time it steamed up like crazy at that point,” said Aaron Tennison, a bell man at the hotel. “I ran for the fire extinguisher and people were already running up the stairs to put it out,"

Investigators said a teenager was riding the hoverboard when it caught fire on the second floor.

No one was hurt, and there was only minor damage to the carpet.

"We evacuated the building, if it wasn't for the team reacting so fast, somebody could have gotten hurt. I'm proud to say the entire team is out and all the guests are safe," said Chad Taylor, general manager of the Valencia.

The hotel manager is now considering a ban on hoverboards.