Man recounts saving elderly couple from RV fire

The man also has another connection to the couple

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SAN ANTONIO – An elderly couple is still recovering 24-hours after their RV caught fire.

The RV became engulfed in flames Thursday night outside a Walmart parking lot near Glenridge Drive.

Anthony Beverley was driving nearby, noticed the flames and stopped to help.

"You don't think about what is going to happen, repercussions or anything along those lines. Just say OK there's people in this RV," said Beverley.

Beverley opened the side door and found the elderly man struggling to get out. He helped him to the curb but had to go back to help the man's wife.

"I (could) see her laying face down on the steps and I asked if she could get up and she said ‘No I can't get up.’ So I ended up pulling her out of the RV," Beverley said.

The RV was destroyed. The cause of the fire still unknown.

The couple was rushed to the hospital.

"They both spent the night over there. He's out she's still in the hospital. She had at least second-degree burns because when I talked to paramedics they said she had second-degree burns to her hands. He seems to be doing ok just doing a lot of coughing," Beverley said.

Beverley also learned he had a connection to the couple.

"The wife taught at John Jay High School the school I attended. She was there when I was at John Jay High School, so yeah somehow or another it (all) comes full circle," Beverley said.

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