CPS Energy putting final touches on new solar farm

Solar farm will be available to all CPS customers

SAN ANTONIO – A community solar farm in Eastern Bexar County about to come online will provide CPS customers solar energy while saving customers money and helping the environment.

As workers complete the wiring on the 11,280 individual 107.5 W solar panels in a field off Highway 87 in Adkins, the sun provides conditions for the solar harvest.

"Just growing, just, just great, you know," one worker said.

Officials said in a few weeks any CPS customer can buy a panel for $202 after local and federal credits.

One panel will save customers $1.93 a month. While the panel might not be on a customer’s property, the energy produced is sent into the entire electrical grid and the customer receives the credit.

Anita Ledbetter with Build San Antonio Green said this new system is great for customers who live in apartments or have homes surrounded by trees.

But there is a catch: If the customer moves away from the CPS service area, they are responsible for selling the panel.

"Well, I think it's about an investment," said Ledbetter.

For the average homeowner, to go entirely solar using the farm, a customer would have to spend about $15,000 up front. CPS said it will take about a decade for the customer to break even.

"Being part of the solar community here is meaningful," said CPS executive vice president Chris Eugster.

If the program is successful, there is room to grow.

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