Man shot, killed in shootout near city's West Side

Shooting happened on 600 block of South Sabinas Street

SAN ANTONIO – One man was shot and killed during a shootout Thursday evening on the city’s West Side.

The shooting happened on the 600 block of South Sabinas Street. Police said it started as an argument between the victim and at least four men. They all pulled out weapons and exchanged gunfire.

"It was too loud, like, it rattled my windows and walls. Something fell off the wall," said Estella Saenz, who lives nearby.

Saenz also discovered a stray bullet had gone through her window.

"I go to the restroom, finish putting on my makeup and there’s a bullet in my sink and a hole in the wall and through the window" Saenz said.

Aside from the victim, no one else was injured.

"This is beyond reckless. This is beyond senseless. It's beyond explanation right now," said San Antonio police Chief William McManus.

The San Antonio Police Department said at least four men are on the run. The department has a description of the getaway vehicle but has not released that information yet.