Newlyweds catch something moooving on their video doorbell

Cow at door prompts security notification

SAN ANTONIO – Imagine it’s getting “pasture” bedtime and you “herd” someone or something “hoofing” around your front door. You might be “udderly” terrified, despite your “beefed up” security system. That is, until you check the video.

Ashton and Charlie Rugh are newlyweds who split their time between San Antonio and Bryan. They like to keep an eye on things when they’re away so they purchased a Ring Video Doorbell to capture anyone who might be lurking around their house.

They had just settled into bed Sunday night when they received a notification that someone was at the front door of their Bryan home.

When they watched the video, they discovered what was “moooving” around their front porch – a cow. The bovine walked right up to the door and sniffed around before checking out the rest of the porch and then hoofing it off camera.

“He must have heard we just got back from our "honeymooooo-n" and wanted to catch up on things in the neighborhood. Had we have been home, we probably would have invited him in for Chick-fil-A or an after-dinner drink,” Ashton Rugh said.

The Rughs said they had a good laugh about the “udderly” hilarious situation. They’re happy they have beefed up security – at the very least they’ll be able to milk this story for all it’s worth.

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