LIVE: Solar eclipse cams

SAN ANTONIO – You can watch the Great American Eclipse starting Monday morning with our live solar eclipse camera feeds.

This live stream will give you a look at various cameras from locations across the United States as the total eclipse moves from west to east.

Other Eclipse Cams:

WATCH: KSAT Eclipse Garden CamKSAT Eclipse Garden Cam

WATCH: NASA Eclipse Coverage

WATCH: Roaming Eclipse Cam 1

Here's an interactive map that breaks down the times and locations along the so-called path of totality, where a total solar eclipse can be seen.

Texas is not in the path of totality, but most locations will be able to view a partial eclipse. It all depends on the cloud cover in a given location.

The forecast for San Antonio during the eclipse calls for partly cloudy skies with temperatures around 90 degrees. Click or tap here to view the latest forecast.



CNN controls the feed that you are seeing in the player above.