WATCH: 13th Floor Haunted House brings fright to its guests

KSAT 12's Josh Skurnik interviews employees

SAN ANTONIO – For Friday the 13th, KSAT 12 visited the 13th Floor Haunted House downtown, which is found across the street from Sunset Station.

Here are some fun facts about the haunted house: 

  • The haunted house goes through two to three gallons of each color of makeup a season, preparing 80 to 100 actors a night.
  • They have two new sets this year, a bio hazard theme with black lights in the basement, and 'Cursed: The Ritual,' which is a voodoo theme.
  • They have actual ghosts there (or so they say). Everything from a 'vortex' in.an elevator shaft allowing spirits to come and go from the other side, to a costumed character name John Doe which comes to life on it's own, no actor required.
  • Their "Don't Be A Monster" Anti-bullying campaign tries to creat a 'culture of kindness' in San Antonio area schools, by having a character named 'Frank' visit and tell his story of how he was bullied as a ghoulish child because he looks different. Using videos and a presentation, Frank wants to scare bullying away!

You can watch the clip above.

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