Is Trumpy Bear the latest craze in presidential memorabilia?

Company selling Trump bear

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SAN ANTONIO – What exactly is Trumpy Bear, who came up with the idea and will anyone actually buy one are all questions in search of answers. But in keeping with interesting presidential memorabilia, this one ranks up there.

In recent days, an advertisement has started airing on TV pitching "Trumpy Bear" and all its amazing wonders.

While not a spot-on match of President Donald Trump, it does have the hair going for it.

The stuffed bear comes with a 30 inch by 30 inch American flag inside blanket and certificate of authenticity.

The company’s website also says Texas residents will have to pay an 8.25 percent sales tax.

Watch the video below.

This is not the first time presidential memorabilia has taken an odd turn, President Barack Obama got a Chia pet bust after he was elected in 2008.