Woman indicted, accused of influencing juror in brother's case

If convicted, she faces up to ten years in federal prison

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SAN ANTONIO – A federal grand jury indicted Julieta Boone-Tellez, 43, on accusations she influenced a federal grand juror in her brother's trial, resulting in a mistrial.

Boone-Tellez's brother Romeo Boone-Escorcia was charged with one count of illegal re-entry into the U.S. after being previously deported. When jury selection and a trial began for Boone-Escorcia, his sister allegedly made contact with a trial juror and showed the juror a photo of her brother.

Judge Orland Garcia declared a mistrial. Judge Garcia scheduled the retrial for Nov. 6, however, Boone-Escorcia pleaded guilty on Thursday and was sentenced to time served and now faces formal deportation proceedings.

Boone-Tellez was arrested on Oct. 13 and her arraignment is scheduled for Nov. 13 in San Antonio.

If convicted, she faces up to ten years in federal prison.