SAPD: Man admitted to soliciting teen for sexual relations, asking other girls if they needed ride

Rafael Lopez Villegas charged with solicitation of a minor

SAN ANTONIO – New details have surfaced about the man accused of soliciting a North East ISD middle school student as she walked to her bus stop last week.

Rafael Lopez Villegas was arrested Friday on one count of soliciting a minor.

Those arrest documents show that during an interview with investigators, Villegas admitted to soliciting the girl.

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During that interview, he told police he asked three girls if they needed rides. He insisted he would have just taken them to school, but then police asked him about the 14-year-old who made the outcry and the details she told them.

"I keep walking and he keeps following and I'm like why aren't you leaving me alone?" the girl told KSAT. "Then he starts gesturing down to his pants, just really really disturbing and weird."

Once given the reported details, police said Villegas admitted to asking for sexual relations, and acknowledged what he did was wrong.

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Police said the girl did the right thing by screaming and attracting attention. Neighbors heard her and rushed to see if she was okay. Police also said one witness did a great job of taking a picture of the perpetrator. 

"I feel a bit safer knowing that my neighbors and my friends and people like that are watching out for me," the girl said.

Police will continue investigating the other two allegations.

Police are asking anyone who recognizes Villegas and may have been approached by him in the past to call the Special Victims Unit at 210-207-2313.

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