Texas man claims to have broken world record for farthest rifle shot and has video to prove it

TUSCOLA, Texas – A West Texas man claims to have broken the world record for the farthest rifle shot and has the video to back up his claim.

Bill Poor, a blacksmith by trade, claims to have hit a target from 5,280 yards -- exactly 3 miles -- using his .480 CheyTac rifle.

Poor said he's been shooting guns for approximately 20 years, but took up extreme long-range shooting about four years ago. He said he had been trying to break the long-range record, reportedly held by a retired Navy SEAL, and was motivated by the challenge and by the science behind the method.

Poor said he bested former Navy SEAL Charlie Melton's 5,000-yard shot on Jan. 14 in Midland for the farthest rifle shot in the world. 

Using a rifle customized to hit long-range targets, Poor recorded his attempts on video and after eight shots, Poor finally hit the target.

Poor said it's unlikely that Guinness World Records will recognize his long shot because he used a scope, as did Melton, whose shot was also unrecognized by Guinness World Records.

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Posted by Bill Poor on Sunday, January 14, 2018