City cracking down on oversized vehicles parked in residential areas

Fine raised from $35 to $500

SAN ANTONIO – The city of San Antonio going after drivers of 18-wheelers who illegally park their trucks in residential neighborhoods.

Citations are going up from $35 to $500 dollars starting March 11.

The ordinance change affects oversized vehicles. An oversized vehicle is described as a motor vehicle, trailer, boat that -- by itself, or attached to a vehicle -- exceeds 24 feet in length and 8 feet in width or height.


One South Side homeowner, Luis Romero, said he’s talked his concerns over with the driver who parks his trailer across the street from his home. His concerns include noise, traffic backup and the narrow space it creates to get his large vehicles out of his own driveway.

Romero said his neighbor has already been ticketed.

“He already had four (tickets) and it doesn’t bother him, so $500 would bother him a little more. I think it would help,” Romero said.

Other neighbors have also complained about the loud noise the truck’s engine makes early in the morning. Those are the types of violations and concerns the city is hoping to address with the change.

To report a problem with an oversized vehicle in your neighborhood, call the non-emergency line at 210-207-SAPD and an officer will determine if a citation is necessary.

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