Patty Santos


Patty Santos joined the KSAT 12 News team in July 2017. 

She has a proven track record of reporting on hard-hitting news that affects the community. 

Patty comes to KSAT from the Sooner state, where she was a reporter in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.  

During Patty's decade of experience, she has covered major stories that captured national attention, including serial killer Gary Michael Hilton, Daniel Holtzclaw, a police officer convicted of multiple counts of rape, and the nationwide manhunt for fugitive Michael Vance. 

During her time in Oklahoma, Patty covered the devastation left behind in communities hit by tornadoes and other severe storms, including the 2013 Moore tornado. 
Patty graduated from California State University Northridge with a journalism degree. 

Patty was inspired to become a journalist after watching war reports from her native country, El Salvador, in the 1990s. 

She grew up in South Central Los Angeles, and remembers living through the 1992 Los Angeles riots that erupted in her own backyard. 

Watching the riots unfold in real life and on the news was another motivator in Patty's path to choosing a career that allowed her to see historic events unfold. 

In her off time, Patty enjoys traveling to see American landmarks with her husband and child. She is looking forward to exploring Texas.