Snorting condoms is the dangerous emerging social media trend that could kill you

Today, of the estimated 62 million American women of childbearing age, 28 percent prevent pregnancy by taking birth control pills, according to Planned Parenthood. Twenty-seven percent have had their tubes tied, 16 percent use condoms, 10 percent

The condom-snorting challenge is the latest stupid internet challenge making a comeback among teenagers, according to reports.

Yahoo! reported that teenagers are putting condoms up their nostrils and inhaling them with the goal of getting the condom to come out of their mouth.

The challenge, according to several dated YouTube videos, has been around for several years but has recently risen in popularity.

If you're interested in seeing in seeing someone complete the dimwitted challenge, there are many videos on YouTube. Some, however, have been deleted because they violate YouTube's ban on "harmful or dangerous content."

The return of the condom challenge comes after the rise in popularity of the Tide Pod challenge, which drew a warning from the American Association of Poison Control Centers.

According to Yahoo!, the challenge can be dangerous because the condom can become a choking hazard if it blocks the airway. Yahoo! added that snorting condoms can cause infections and allergic reactions in the nasal cavity.