East Side businesses receive $70K in grants to revitalize area

Money offered through local nonprofit organization

SAN ANTONIO – Nonprofit San Antonio for Growth on the East Side has shelled out more than $1 million in revitalization grants, and on Wednesday, it gave a new round of grants to help some businesses on the East Side get a facelift.

An East Side business that is more attractive than before is Alamo Inn and Suites, according to customers.

“We're getting feedback from the customers that we're getting, and we're seeing people say, 'Wow, East Side is kind of changing for the better.” said Rakesh Vazir, owner of the Alamo Inn and Suites.

Vazir received $10,000 from a previous round of grants. Once he fulfilled his requirement to match it, he was able to make $20,000 in upgrades.

The owner of GM&N Auto Title & Auto Insurance on Martin Luther King Driver near Interstate 10, Herman Rover, said he can’t wait to match the $8,000 he received to help grow his family's 16-year-old business.

“We found out today that we've been approved. We are thrilled.” Rover said. “With the grant, we're going to be able to knock this wall out. We only have one bathroom. We're going to be able to put a bathroom and a different entrance for the dealers and the Western Union service.” 

Four other East Side businesses received grant money on Wednesday. SAGE said it hopes the funds continue to help grow the community.

“In addition to promoting investment on the East Side and fostering redevelopment, the matching funds we provide to these businesses also support job growth and bring new services to residents in surrounding neighborhoods," said Jackie Gorman, CEO of SAGE.

This year alone, SAGE handed out $70,000 worth of grant money. The deadline to submit applications for the next round of matching grants is in August. For more information on how to apply, click here.

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