Raccoon stuck in drainage ditch for days rescued, lured in trap with Cheetos

SA pest control company sets up trap outside of drainage tunnel

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SAN ANTONIO – The raccoon that has been stuck inside a drainage ditch for several days has been rescued by a local pest control company.

KSAT.com first reported that the raccoon was spotted by hotel employees about three days ago and had been feeding it apples until someone rescued the critter.

Stephanie Holmes, a front desk manager at Wyndham Garden near La Cantera, contacted KSAT 12 after many local organizations refused to help get the raccoon out. 

Just hours after first posting the article on KSAT.com, a local pest control company came to the location to set up a trap outside the drainage tunnel.

The trap was rigged near the entry point with a bag of Cheetos as bait. The pest control company told KSAT.com that it plans to relocate the raccoon to a more appropriate area.


A San Antonio woman is asking for anyone’s help in getting a raccoon out of a drainage ditch it has been stuck inside for several days.

Stephanie Holmes, a front desk manager at Wyndham Garden near La Cantera, told KSAT.com Thursday that one of her servers spotted the critter about three days ago and immediately called local organizations for help.

Despite her efforts, Holmes said the organizations either did not want to help or have told her they need to lift the drainage ditch’s grate in order for them to go out and rescue the raccoon.

“I was in tears that no one wants to help. They told me, ‘It’s just a raccoon,’” Holmes told KSAT.com.

Holmes said she and her staff have been feeding the raccoon apples, but she fears the raccoon could die due to the summer heat.

“I want to get him out of there and don’t want him to die in this Texas heat. I don’t think it’s right, he’s still an animal. We need someone to help get that grate out or someone with an idea on how to get the critter out,” Holmes told KSAT.com.

Holmes said the grate is welded down to the pavement and about 2-3 feet down from the street.

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She said since their hotel is next to a Whataburger, they believe the raccoon crawled into an entry point to get to the area where people drop food.

Holmes told KSAT.com she’s noticed the raccoon crawls into the tunnel during the day to get out of the sun but comes back out later in the evening.


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