Woman says she was dragged from truck after refusing to pay salon over poor treatment

Upset with 'bad service,' treatment by manager, customer refused payment

SAN ANTONIO – A woman who walked out of a Far West Side nail salon without paying said she was dragged out of her truck when she tried to leave.

Emily Henderson said she had left Luminous Nails and Spa off of Loop 1604 near Shaenfield Road on Saturday because of how the manager had treated her following what she felt was bad service from a nail tech. But she said the same manager and others dragged her out of her truck before police arrived.

"All she kept saying was 'Pay me. Pay me. Pay me. We did your nails you need to pay us,'" Henderson said the manager told her as she tried to keep her from leaving.

Henderson said she had intended to pay for her "fill" when she went to the salon, but she was soon fed up with the service.

Unsatisfied with how she felt the first nail tech was treating her, Henderson asked for someone else to finish the job. That second person ended up being the manager, she said.

When she raised concerns about how the first tech had acted, Henderson said the manager brushed her off and asked her what Henderson wanted her to do, fire the tech? 

Henderson said she told the manager she was asking for an apology, but the manager refused to apologize.

"She ended up saying, 'You are the problem,'" Henderson said. "She told me I was the problem for complaining to begin with."

Upset with the manager's treatment, Henderson decided to leave without paying.

"I said 'F" this, and I grabbed my stuff. I walked out and I went to my truck," she said.

But Henderson said as she called her husband to tell him what had happened, she said the manager opened her truck door, stood in the gap so it couldn't close, and demanded Henderson pay for the nail service.

"And I said 'I'm sorry but I'm not paying you. Get the 'F' out of my space. This is my truck. You have no right to be opening my door this way,'" Henderson said.

The manager grabbed her leg and tried to pull her out of the truck, she said. Henderson says she told the woman to let go. When the manager continued to tug on her leg, Henderson said she used her other leg to kick her in the stomach and the face, busting open the other woman's lip.

After the kicks, Henderson said more women swarmed out of the nail salon, some of whom tried to help drag her out, too. A man with them was eventually able to yank her out of the truck and onto the ground, Henderson said.

Henderson said she scared them off by bringing out her phone - all except the manager who Henderson said grabbed her necklace.

"And that's when she tells me, 'I'm going to yank this off if you don't pay me,'" Henderson said.

Soon after, Henderson said her husband, with whom she had been Facetiming, and police arrived at the salon.

When KSAT went to Luminous Nails and Spa on Sunday, the same manager refused to say much about her side of events.

"Anybody can talk anything if they wanted to. So I don't have anything to say," the woman said.

Henderson also gave KSAT screenshots of a Facebook comment from a user, whom Henderson says was one of the salon employees involved.

The Facebook user claims the manager did not drag Henderson out of the truck and only stood by the door before she was kicked in the face. However, the user wrote that the manager's son was also at the salon and did drag Henderson out of the truck after seeing his mother kicked.

Henderson said she does not want this to happen to anyone else, and that she wants the people involved to "pay for what they did."

She claimed police told her she did not have to pay for bad services, but she should have reported it to them first.

KSAT has requested a copy of the incident report from San Antonio Police but has not yet received it.

About the Author:

Garrett Brnger is a reporter with KSAT 12.