Can anyone explain why these 'Redneck Boot Sandals' are in high demand?

Joke footwear becomes hot commodity in South, company owner says


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – It's a joke that may have gone too far, but for Scotty Franklin, Redneck Boot Sandals are now paying the bills.

Franklin founded the Springfield-based company in 2014 after an epiphany while lounging on the beach in Gulf Shores in 2012.

Franklin said while on spring break, he spotted a man in boots walking along the beach. 

"I thought it was kinda silly wearing boots in the sand," Franklin said via phone Saturday. 

The heat and humidity in Gulf Shores inspired Franklin to craft a joke of a sandal that would allow someone to sport boots in scorching temperatures.

Using a pair of boots and a pocket knife, the redneck boot sandal was born.

Franklin said he began sporting his hand-crafted humorous shoes to parties, but in 2014, he started his boot sandal business, which allowed others to get in on the fun.

He said while his boots are extremely popular along the "redneck riviera" and other southern states, Texas is the top consumer of his unique design. 

Here's how it works:

1.) Pay the $150 service fee and send in your boots to the address on the website.

2.) Redneck Boot Sandals will notify you when your boots are received.

3.) Your boots will go to a cobbler that works with Redneck Boot Sandals and will be transformed into boot sandals.

4.) Your completed boots will be sent to you in four to six weeks and you will be assessed a $25 shipping fee.*

*- Franklin ships overseas, but shipping fees vary.

From Australia to Canada, Franklin said the boots have been ordered by people across the globe.

He said he's currently exploring the possibility of mass production of his famed boot sandals.