Ada Vox thriving after 'American Idol'

SAN ANTONIO – It's been six months since San Antonio saw Adam Sanders transform into Drag Superstar Ada Vox on ABC's "American Idol."

While she did not win the music contest, the artist is still doing what she loves.

"Life has been absolutely insane. Working, working, working. I'm writing music. I'm very thankful for it. I'm very busy. Very booked. Very blessed. And I couldn't ask for anything more," Ada Vox said. 

Ada Vox is touring across the nation as she performs at several Pride Festivals. The drag star has also performed in Paris

"I really am hoping to be a real hopeful leader in the LGBTQ community, (it) would be absolutely fantastic," Vox explained. 

The artist is hoping to spread positive vibes. The personal goal comes after the singer described the bullies in her life. She even described some dark moments on national television where she says bullies targeted her weight and sexuality.

After pushing through the negativity, the star made it onto "American Idol" and has recently released a single entitled, "Because of You."

The next season of "American Idol" is looking for another round of hopefuls and Ada Vox had some advice.

"I just want to say, be ready. It is not for the faint of heart. Don't go in giving it half of anything. Give it your whole heart. Your whole soul," Ada advised.

American Idol hopefuls have until Nov.5 to submit an audition online.

As for Ada, the San Antonio native is now set to move to Dallas where she will continue to work on her music and hopes to work on a Christmas album.

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