Texas woman dies in hospice care after seeking cosmetic surgery in Mexico, sister says


DALLAS, Texas – A Texas woman put in hospice care after seeking cosmetic surgeries in Mexico has died, according to her family.

Dallas realtor Laura Avila, 36, died Saturday morning, according to her sister, Angie Avila. Angie Avila took to Facebook, saying Laura Avila died around 8:20 a.m. 

CBS News reported that Laura Avila and her fiancé, Enrique Cruz, traveled to Ciudad Juarez in late October so Laura Avila could undergo cosmetic surgeries, including a breast implant replacement and a nose job, at a facility called the Rino Center. Before the procedures could begin, Laura Avila experienced complications after anesthesia was administered, according to Inside Edition.

Cruz told Inside Edition the clinic waited several hours before telling him about the complications and initially told him they were waiting for the anesthesia to wear off. After protests from Cruz, he said his fiancee was transferred to a Mexican hospital for treatment and doctors told him she had suffered "global brain damage and had gone into cardiac arrest," Inside Edition reported.

“Doctors said that anesthesia was added to her spine to numb her body but instead of flowing down her body, it shot up to her brain and caused severe swelling,” Angie Avila told Inside Edition. “We have reason to believe that anesthesia was added to the wrong place. It is also possible they used too much anesthesia.”

Laura Avila was transferred to an El Paso hospital, then moved into hospice care.

Cruz told CBS News his fiancee had done her research and found several positive reviews on the Rino Center. Angie Avila told CBS News that while some may have seen her sister's decision to go to Mexico as dangerous, Mexico was familiar territory as they had often visited growing up.

According to ABC News, investigators are looking into whether medical negligence played a role in what happened to Laura Avila.