Parents convinced #PeppaEffect is making their kids speak with British accent

Blimey! Isn't that something?

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If you’ve got young kids, chances are you’ve heard of the cartoon character Peppa Pig.

Apparently, some folks are watching it enough that some kids have started speaking with a British accent.

For those who don’t watch the Nickelodeon show, it follows Peppa’s adventures, mishaps and friendships, as well as her parents, brother and other animal families in the fictional town. 

It attempts to help children understand new emotions and experiences.

Anyway, parents are so convinced Peppa Pig has caused their children to adopt a British accent, they’ve taken to Twitter to tell their stories of the #PeppaEffect.

And as strange as it may sound that the popular pig could be having a big impact on children's dialect, parents not only don't seem to mind, they seem to quite fancy it.



WDIV-TV reports that mother and writer Janet Manley dubbed the phenomenon the "Peppa Effect" in a Romper article, after her daughter started "calling me 'Mummy' and finishing her sentences with Peppa's trademark snort ... Two years later, she still oinks in conversation. Call it the Peppa Effect," she said.

Has your child been hit by the #PeppaEffect? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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