City: Fired aviation employee reinstated, no longer directly involved with security

Kali Pinckney served unpaid suspension from Dec. 19 to April 7


A city aviation employee fired late last year has been reinstated after a civil service commission recommended that he be given his job back.

Kali Pinckney was terminated in December after a city investigation determined that he used a co-worker's security credentials to sign in and then pass an airport emergency situation exam on her behalf.

Pinckney appealed his termination, and records show he returned to work on April 8.

Pinckney was reinstated without back pay and is no longer directly involved with security, a city human resources official confirmed.

Pinckney previously worked as an airport security compliance analyst.


A city aviation employee was fired late last year after an investigation determined he used a co-worker's security credentials to sign in and then pass an airport emergency situation exam on her behalf.

City records identified the fired employee as airport security compliance analyst Kali Pinckney.

Records show Pinckney was terminated Dec. 18 and then later appealed the city's decision.

Aviation officials have declined to comment on Pinckney's termination, since the appeal process is ongoing.

The employee whose credentials were used to fraudulently pass the exam, fellow airport security compliance analyst Christina Foley, resigned in December after the investigation was completed, according to the city's human resources department.

Records show in October that Foley failed the FEMA IS 800 training course three times.

The exam is "part of a series of training classes intended to better prepare key Airport staff to respond to potential Airport emergency situations," according to Pinckney's termination paperwork.

The paperwork indicates Pinckney used Foley's credentials to answer exam questions for her while she was away from her workstation. 

"Making the decision to circumvent security measures to deceive a federal agency and the Airport lacks integrity, is unprofessional, and undermines the trust placed in you," Pinckney's termination paperwork states.

Pinckney did not respond to requests for comment sent via social media.

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