San Antonio AirLIFE crews assist in South Padre Island during spring break

AirLIFE transportation frees up ground crews

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas – San Antonio AirLIFE is soaring high above South Padre Island with a mission to assist local emergency responders this spring break.

"First responders there in the local area requested just air medical support during their high tourist season for spring break, and so we're happy to assist them and provide resources," said Adair Welfel, business manager for San Antonio AirLIFE.

San Antonio AirLIFE has several crews across Texas. The teams are all trained in the Alamo City.

For this mission, the company dispatched its crew out of the nearby Laredo station since it's in close proximity to South Padre Island.

"There's so many lifesaving interventions that air medical can provide. With AirLIFE, it’s a mobile ICU unit, so when you’re able to provide that, it's very impactful," Welfel said.

Welfel said the nearest trauma center to South Padre Island is in Harlingen, which is about a 45- minute drive away.

The San Antonio AirLIFE team can transport a patient during a medical emergency in half that time. Using the team also frees up ambulances and emergency responders on the ground.

"I take it on a personal level. What if I was there? What if my family, your family were there?" Welfel said.

The San Antonio AirLIFE crew has been in the South Padre Island one week and will remain there until it’s no longer needed.

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