SA mom shares tearful viral video showing aftermath of son buzzing siblings hair

SAN ANTONIO – Stephanie Plucknette is a Texas nurse with three kids who all have drastically different hairstyles following a surprise haircut from her eldest son, Teddy.

Plucknette shared a video to Instagram showing Teddy’s handiwork after he got a hold of an electric razor and went to town on himself, as well as his younger brother and sister.

“Do you like your haircut?” Plucknette asked her daughter, Eloise.

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Eloise’s response was a simple “no.”

The mom of three laughed and cried her way through the series of Instagram videos and commended her eldest child for answering honestly when asked if he also cut the hair of the youngest boy, Fred.

Plucknette can be heard saying, “It’s just hair -- it grows back,” several times in the buzz cut videos.

Check out Teddy’s handiwork below:

Plucknette shared the following update on Instagram:

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