SAPD: Beer bottles thrown, several fights break out during 'all out brawl' at Ojos Locos

TABC opens investigation into restaurant fight

SAN ANTONIO – A preliminary report from the San Antonio Police Department offers new details on a fight Sunday night at Ojos Locos sports bar that involved multiple individuals.

According to SAPD, officers responded to the sports bar in the 5800 block of Northwest Loop 410 after receiving a call for what was described as “an all out brawl.”

The report says two men and a woman were detained by security guards at the restaurant upon the arrival of police.

The men and woman told officers they had been “jumped” by a group of people who had already left the restaurant.

The men said those individuals threw empty beer bottles in their direction and a bottle struck one of them in the head, the report said.

The group told police they were then tackled and detained by security guards.

Officers interviewed a security guard who said he saw several small fights break out inside the restaurant. 

He then saw one of the detained men and the woman throw the empty beer bottles and attempt to fight other patrons, the report said.

Bystanders told police several fights broke out at the same time, and they saw the detained man and woman fighting with other people as well.

Security officials did not press charges against the detained group and said they only wanted the group to be escorted off the property, and given criminal trespass warnings.

Paramedics responded and treated the man who had been struck in the head, and all three were taken out of handcuffs and escorted from the property, the report said. 

According to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, an investigation was opened into the fight. 

TABC investigators will look to determine if any of the bar’s actions violated part of the Alcoholic Beverage Code, specifically whether the bar’s policies or practices contributed to or unduly allowed the fight to take place.

The sports bar was busy Sunday night because it hosted a watch party for the US-Mexico soccer match.

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