Man finds frozen baby in freezer after his mother's death, believes baby might be his sister

ST. LOUIS, Missouri – A man in St. Louis believes a frozen baby he found in his mother's freezer might have been his sister, according to a report from KTVI.

Adam Smith found a baby wrapped in a pink blanket inside a box in the freezer Sunday morning, just days after his mother died from cancer.

Smith told reporters that his mother always told him to stay away from the box and he did, assuming it was a wedding cake.

"I have to wait for the autopsy to see if that baby ever took a breath and I cannot help it to think she might have done something to it. I just can't help it," Smith said of his late mother.

He worries he may never get answers now that his mother is gone, but according to Smith, his mother told him she lost a child at birth.

According to the report, a relative told Smith that his mother had twins and gave one up for adoption but the other died at birth.

Source:    KTVI, Tribune, Adam Smith

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