TECH SA: Virtual home sales company opens virtual outpost at HEB

Geekdom startup Braustin Mobile Homes opens store inside New Braunfels HEB

SAN ANTONIO – Customers at the New Braunfels HEB can shop for fruits, vegetables and now a home.

The company, Braustin Mobile Homes, opened a virtual outpost at the HEB store on 1655 Highway 46 West.

People can use the kiosks to view inventory, pricing and floor plans. Prospective homebuyers can also download the Braustin app for an interactive Augmented Reality experience.

“You put the headset on, select that one from the menu, and now you’re inside of that home,” Jonathan Perry, CEO of Ractive said. “It really feels like you’re there. It’s using 360-degree photos that they’ve taken inside a fully furnished home.”

The company gives customers a unique shopping experience using virtual reality goggles.

“We started the company really focused on creating an experience when buying a home that was more enjoyable, more efficient,” Alberto Pina, CEO of Braustin Mobile Homes said. 

Pina teamed up with Ractive to create this experience.

“Alberto and I were both part of the Geekdom preaccelerator program,” Jonathan Perry, CEO of Ractive said. “Once I realized he was working with VR for his mobile home dealership, we connected."

Together they looked at today’s most successful companies, like Amazon, to see what was missing in the process of buying real estate. 

“How we buy dog food or how we buy cars or really, how we buy everything, it's online; it is over the phone, it's faster, quicker, easier than it used to be,” Pina said. 

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