Cricket Crisis! How social media is reacting to invasion across San Antonio

UTSA takes steps to curb infestation

KSAT viewer Jason Cantu created a horror movie about the great cricket invasion of 2019 in San Antonio.

SAN ANTONIO – If you have stepped outdoors in the past 24 hours, then chances are you have been a witness to the great cricket invasion of 2019. Crickets have swarmed the San Antonio area. 

We explained why there's been a massive cricket infestation taking place right here.

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The cricket problem has been so bad at UTSA, the university announced on Wednesday on Twitter it had taken steps to curb the infestation.

Campus chickens combat crickets at Boerne elementary school

"UTSA took steps yesterday to treat, clean and monitor the cricket situation on campus. Crickets will be removed from all interior and exterior areas of the campuses, including inside of buildings. Thanks for your patience." 

Here's a look at how more people on social media have reacted to the cricket crisis of 2019!

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Courtesy KSAT Viewer Kaitlyn Marie


Watch the full video on YouTube here.

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