Boojale Episode 1: Two Bullsh*tters Bullsh*t About the Spurs

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Boojale: Two Bullsh*tters Bullsh*t About the Spurs

“Boojale” is a series of adult cartoons created by a San Antonio artist and they are hilarious! 

The episode above revolves around the Spurs, but several of his other cartoons revolve around real-life in San Antonio, a hilarious look at real life, that is.

From Gilbert, the “every man” we all know and love, to the neighbors we’ve all met before, “Boojale” takes a fun, irreverent spin in the vein of “South Park” and places the characters and scenes in South Texas, where there is an abundance of material. 

It’s why we all call San Antonio home, because we can love, laugh and even laugh at ourselves once in a while.

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