Texas toddler's Fyre Festival costume is winning Halloween

Family costumes have included Narcos, Bob Ross and Cardi B

RaeTay Photography
RaeTay Photography

HOUSTON – Jack's first Halloween with his new family is cutest thing you'll see in the world of costumes this week.

Rachel Taylor, Jack's mother, is the owner and photographer for RaeTay Photography. For the past four years, she and her husband have pulled off the perfect costumes.

"The Fyre documentary was super popular at the beginning of 2019. We are always thinking of ways we can incorporate the year's best pop culture into a costume. Our son fit perfectly into the role of JaRule and my husband weirdly resembles Billy McFarland, the not so mastermind behind the Fyre Festival," Taylor told KSAT.

The couple's daughter, Jada, is fresh off three years of viral costumes, including Pablo Escobar, Cardi B and Bob Ross.

RaeTay Photography

Taylor said the family decided to highlight the boys this year to introduce Jack into what she calls the "family Halloween craziness."

The couple struggled with infertility and welcomed the now 18-month-old Jack into their family via adoption. "He has been the biggest blessing to our family during one of the most difficult seasons," Taylor said.

RaeTay Photography

Jack as a mini JaRule is going to win the internet this week.

"We knew the documentary wasn't on the top of people's minds since it's been several months since its release, so we knew it wouldn't be overdone as far as Halloween costumes go," Taylor told KSAT.

RaeTay Photography

Welcome to the world of viral Halloween costumes, Jack!

All photos are courtesy of RaeTay Photography.

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