Woman’s ‘dream truck’ stripped of parts while sitting in driveway

Thieves left vehicle in NE Side neighborhood almost unrecognizable

SAN ANTONIO – Rachel Cameron woke up Wednesday to a nightmare.

While Cameron worked from her Northeast Side home, she learned about a brazen crime that happened in her driveway while she slept.

"I'm running outside in my pajamas and I'm just devastated," she said.

Cameron's prized 2018 Chevrolet Silverado was almost unrecognizable.

Thieves took the tires, rims, hood, grille and headlights from the pickup.

"It's the truck that I worked hard for my whole life. It was my dream truck," Cameron said. "They cut a hole into the bottom of the engine and cut the wires to the battery, which disabled the alarm. And then they drilled a hole in the door to pop the lock."

Cameron had the pickup towed to a collision center to see if its worth repairing.

Police are investigating but said they haven’t seen a spike in crime in the Pheasant Ridge subdivision.

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