‘Money: It's Personal' — Role of the Federal Trade Commission

What is the FTC?

SAN ANTONIO – Scammers, beware!

The Federal Trade Commission is protecting consumers in the U.S. and promoting competition in the country by enforcing anti-trust laws that keep markets open and free.

The agency conducts investigations, sues companies and people who violate the law, develops rules to ensure a fair marketplace and educates consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities.

But the agency can't do all that alone. It relies on consumers to report on wrongdoing by companies and individuals.

The FTC accepts complaints about a number of topics, including identity theft, National Do Not Call Registry violations, online privacy, scams, debt collection and sweepstakes and lotteries.

While the FTC can't resolve individual consumer complaints, it does provide tips on ways you can get your money back.

If you decide to submit a complaint, visit FTC.gov/complaint. Once you're there, you'll be taken to the FTC Complaint Assistant page, which can help guide you on how to submit your complaint. The page also offers other resources to help keep you protected.

The FTC asks that consumers provide as much information as possible when filing online. Include things such as your contact information, the type of product or service involved, details about the company or seller and information about the transaction.

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