Documents: UTSA lecturer is a ‘large distributor of Adderall’ in SA, Austin

Rose Rodriguez Rabin and Brandon Sims arrested on Dec. 11

DEA agents seized tens of thousands of fake adderall pills from a NW Side apartment complex on Dec. 11, 2019. (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – A lecturer who was suspended from the University of Texas at San Antonio last week is “believed to be a large distributor of Adderall” in San Antonio and Austin, according to newly released federal documents.

Rose Rodriguez-Rabin, 51 and Brandon Sims, 25, were arrested on Dec. 11 after the Drug Enforcement Administration allegedly found tens of thousands of fake Adderall pills. The pills allegedly contained methamphetamine.

DEA: Tens of thousands of fake Adderall pills seized from NW Side apartment complex

According to documents, DEA agents set up an undercover operation on Nov. 7 to get Rodriguez-Rabin to sell 1,000 Adderall pills. She allegedly met them at an apartment complex in Austin.

At the time of the sell, Rodriguez-Rabin was only known as “Irene Adler,” according to documents. She was identified as Rodriguez-Rabin after agents confirmed the pickup truck she drove to the apartment complex was registered under her name. Agents also showed her Texas driver’s license to the undercover agent who bought the drugs to confirm it was indeed Rodriguez-Rabin, according to the federal complaint.

Rodriguez-Rabin was allegedly paid $3,300 for the pills. She allegedly also made plans about “future bulk Adderall deals,” according to documents.

On Dec. 11, DEA agents were conducting surveillance at Rodriguez-Rabin’s apartment building in the 5600 block of Presidio Parkway. Agents observed Sims, who Rodriguez-Rabin said is her roommate, leaving her apartment with “an orange duffel and a plastic tote container,” according to documents.

Agents followed Sims to a storage unit about a mile away from Rodriguez-Rabin’s apartment. Agents searched Sims, the transit van he was driving and the storage unit. They found the orange duffel bag “which contained significant quantities of tablets packaged consistent with Adderall for distribution,” according to documents.

Agents also seized a machine used to make the pills. In total, agents seized 8.4 kilograms of fake Adderall from Sims and the storage unit, according to the complaint.

During the search at Rodriguez-Rabin’s apartment, agents seized 11 kilograms of fake Adderall and a large pill press operation.

Rodriguez-Rabin is charged with manufacturing and distributing approximately 680 grams of Adderall. Sims is charged with possession with intent to distribute Methamphetamine. Both remain in federal detention.

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