Bobcat, coyotes spotted in Schertz, police say

Do not run from coyotes, bobcats

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SCHERTZ, Texas – A bobcat and several coyote sightings have been reported in Schertz, according to a Facebook post from the Schertz Police Department.

The post doesn’t specify where exactly the animals have been seen but includes a warning to residents and precautions to take if you see a bobcat or coyote.

If you come into contact with a coyote or bobcat, do not run. Make your presence known by making loud noises and then calmly leave the area, the post suggests.

Schertz police listed precautions to take to ensure the safety of your home and family:

  • Remove any outdoor food sources for pets
  • Contain garbage and waste in a secure bin
  • Secure compost in sealed containers
  • Close off crawl spaces under decks and around buildings
  • Keep pets on leashes and within your sight at all times
  • Eliminate accessible water sources
  • Clear away brush and dense weeds near buildings
  • Clean up fallen fruit, birdseed and vegetation
  • Keep barbecue grills clean
  • Use extra caution around the area during hours from dusk through dawn
  • Do not let small children or pets wander out of sight

Safety Reminder about coyotes. There have also been a sighting of a bobcat. If you see either a bobcat or coyote, make...

Posted by Schertz Police Department on Monday, January 6, 2020

Coyotes and bobcats are native to Texas and typically live in less crowded areas in an effort to avoid contact with people, according to the post.

If you encounter an aggressive coyote, you should call 911.

Coyote and bobcat sightings can be reported to Animal Services at 210-619-1550.

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