‘Texas seems very upset with me': TryGuy throws shade at Whataburger after taste test

YouTuber Keith Habersberger even compared the restaurant chain to Burger King

The Whataburger logo is seen on a restaurant in Friendswood, Texas, on May 31, 2018. (KPRC)

YouTuber Keith Habersberger, a member of TheTryGuys, has some choice words for Whataburger... and Texans aren’t happy.

His restaurant review is a part of Habersberger’s series on YouTube, entitled “Keith Eats Everything,” which follows his solo adventures visiting some of the most popular food chains and tasting all that their menus have to offer.

This time around, he decided to put an Arizona’s Whataburger restaurant’s menu to the test. The result? Probably not what you expected.

“It should be called, ‘Wetaburger,’” Habersberger said in the video, reviewing the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich.

The people have spoken: Whataburger is officially better than In-N-Out

The video was posted Wednesday, Feb. 19th, and as of Thursday, it has over 1.3 million views and counting.

Habersberger also reviewed the classic Whataburger, saying the bun itself was huge and beautiful, but he doesn’t love it.

In fact, he even compared it to Burger King’s Whopper sandwich.

The TryGuy took to Twitter to ask why Whataburger doesn’t put even more emphasis on its one-of-a-kind condiment — spicy ketchup.

The YouTuber said he will be in Austin, Texas, next month and is urging Twitter users to choose five things for him to try again at Whataburger.

To watch the full food review, click here.

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