Manslaughter trial underway for December 2017 shooting death case

SAN ANTONIO – A woman facing a manslaughter charge for a shooting death that happened Dec. 3, 2017, was in court Thursday for a hearing in the case.

Jenna Castillo heard the testimony of Deanne Garcia, aunt of victim Jesus Santillan.

Garcia said she doesn’t know what happened leading up to the shooting, but she hopes the right person is held accountable.

“All the parties — whoever was responsible — need to serve something and need to understand something like this can’t happen. … Two families are hurting throughout all of this, not just our family but (the suspect’s) family too. They do need to understand that some kind of consequence needs to be served,” Garcia said during her testimony.

If she’s found guilty, Castillo faces two to 20 years in prison.

Testimony is expected to continue next week.