Viral photo shows what social distancing from their children looks like for healthcare workers

Viral photo comes from doctor separated from his family
Viral photo comes from doctor separated from his family

As the number of cases of those testing positive for COVID-19 increases, more healthcare workers are needed to treat patients at overwhelmed hospitals.

Not only do doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals have to go out into society to perform their essential work, they’re coming in direct contact with people known to be infected with the novel coronavirus.

As the number of patients increase, so does the risk of healthcare workers contracting the virus or spreading it to their loved ones.

Many frontline workers are taking extra precautions to keep their families safe as they continue to expose themselves to the virus to do their job.

This is what social distancing looks like for healthcare workers with children:

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Posted by FOX 10 Phoenix on Sunday, March 29, 2020

A father of three has to self-isolate and temporarily live in a garage apartment to not risk exposing his family to the coronavirus. His wife shares their story on Twitter:

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