Methodist Healthcare offering curbside COVID-19 testing to expecting mothers

Testing offered to women on day before they are scheduled to deliver

SAN ANTONIO – Methodist Healthcare is making it easier for expecting mothers to get tested for COVID-19 by offering curbside testing to women on the day before they are scheduled to deliver.

Women who go into labor naturally will be given a rapid test, according to Methodist Healthcare. Officials said if they are taking extra precautions if a patient tests positive to keep everyone safe.

Dr. Bernard Lynch said the curbside testing is especially important in instances where a woman is positive but is not showing symptoms.

"Knowing they are positive, we can separate them from their baby, which is hard to do but necessary to help with the baby," Lynch said.

Lynch said out of an abundance of precaution, the hospital is keeping positive patients in negative pressure rooms.

Methodist Healthcare is also offering online birthing classes and hospital tours to expecting mothers.