Mi Tierra making big changes to keep customers safe as it prepares to reopen Wednesday

Decorations, tables, chairs removed for customer safety

SAN ANTONIO – Some big changes are in store at Mi Tierra as staff members work to get the restaurant as clean as possible before reopening on Wednesday.

Gerardo Carbajal, manager of Mi Tierra, said the building has been cleaned from top to bottom. He said tables and chairs have been removed to help with social distancing.

"If you come to Mi Tierra, you see we're known for all the decorations and the culture that goes through the walls of Mi Tierra. But right now, you're going to see a lot of bare walls. That's because of this new reality. Hopefully, we can put everything back together as we move forward," Carbajal said.

There will also be no more menus on tables. Instead, customers will find a QR code, where they can access the menu through their smartphone.

All these steps are to help protect customers in what the restaurant owners are calling the new normal.