‘There will be consequences’: Alamo Heights ISD officials respond to viral video allegedly involving high school students using racial slur


ALAMO HEIGHTS, Texas – A viral video allegedly involving several Alamo Heights High School students is forcing district officials to respond to the incident.

In the video, one of the teens can be heard using a racial slur.

People have reposted the video on social media, asking the district to take action.

The district said there would be consequences for those students.

Alamo Heights ISD officials released the following statement:

"In AHISD, we are firmly rooted in our core values of humility, empathy, courage, resilience and dignity. It is into those values that we must lean to denounce racism, injustice and prejudice. Racial slurs and posting racial slurs online shows a lack of understanding regarding the pain and hate that language like that causes. Its use calls us as a community and as a district to commit to action and education around diversity, equity and inclusivity.

The choice to use such language and to post it to social media is unacceptable. Of course there will be consequences for students who make a choice to use such language, but the pressing issue is our responsibility as a district and a community to educate our students about empathy and dignity. At this time we must renew our commitment to love one another and reassure our neighbors of that love regardless of our differences.”