Will you take the first widely available COVID-19 vaccine? How KSAT viewers responded

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Will you take the first widely available COVID-19 vaccine? (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – The international, months-long search for a COVID-19 vaccine seems to be entering the home stretch.

Last week, the world’s largest coronavirus vaccine study started human trials, and the federal government’s ”Operation Warp Speed” vaccine program is working to deliver 300 million doses of a vaccine by January.

The race for a coronavirus vaccine is vital to returning back to “normal.” Still, once a vaccine is proven safe and is widely available to the public across the world, it could still be months until restrictions such as masks and social distancing would be lifted, experts say.

For an in-depth explanation of the search for a vaccine, watch this week’s episode of KSAT Explains available to stream on August 6.

Meanwhile, we asked KSAT viewers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to give us their take on whether they would take a vaccine when it’s available.

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Maybe not, I’ll wait to see how other people’s immune systems react to it or if there’s any bad side effects

its_mee_retr0 on Instagram

Yes. My wife has a weakened immune system. I would never want to pass anything to her or anyone

Jesse Bratton on Facebook

No the vaccine was rushed and may end up with lots of side effects!! So no thank you!!

Rosey on Twitter

Yes I want to be protected from covid-19

maria12450 on Instagram

Not without a full list of ingredients and possible side effects. I don’t want to be sterilized especially my kids and have the government say “ooops our bad” in a few more months.

Jasmine Kumaraswamy on Twitter

If I have tested positive with Covid. I would. You will be that person to save thousands of lives. I would want to save my kids and my family lives

sarj0611 on Instagram

I would. My dad whom I care for is already on hospice. If it means I don’t bring it home to him and can spend just a little more time with him. I totally would.

Sara Deskin Saenz on Facebook

Absolutely not! But I’m sure my job will require it 😑

crrbear13 on Instagram

As long as my government insurance can cover it

Rob Moore on Twitter

I’ll wait a couple months if those that took the vaccine catch it or die from it. I’m not getting one I think many people will agree.. we need proof it works..

Valerie Martinez on Facebook

Yes I would be one of the first in line to get the first Covid-19 vaccine.

Tracy Mirelez on Twitter

Nope, I can’t wait to see the side effects in 10 years with the class action lawsuit.

Chelsea McCormick on Facebook

I would need to know more about the side effects and ingredients before I could make an educated decision either way.

Just Mandy on Twitter

Read more about “Operation Warp Speed” here.

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