Blue Star developer puts forward plan for Hot Wells

Hot Wells image.
Hot Wells image. (SABJ)

SAN ANTONIOEditor’s note: This story was published through a partnership between the San Antonio Business Journal and KSAT.

Blue Star Arts Complex developer James Lifshutz is advancing a plan for Hot Wells.

His project for the site of a South San Antonio resort that fell into ruin after multiple fires will include a mix of new development tied to the former resort’s thermal well waters.

Lifshutz is pursuing a unique twist on the spa-like retreat that Hot Wells once offered, featuring the land’s unique well water with new restaurant, beverage and hospitality development.

“It’s bringing back that idea, but in a very different way,” he said.

The first phase will include building new soaking suites and a structure to house office space and bathroom facilities. It will also include infrastructural improvements to accommodate recreational vehicles and food trucks, as well as new connectivity to the Mission Reach leg of the San Antonio River.

“It’s the first step, but it’s the quintessential piece,” Lifshutz said. “I’m hoping it will establish the vibe for the rest of this.”

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