Anxiety and depression during pregnancy could be harmful to your baby

Experts say anxiety and depression could affect your baby’s developmental outcomes through adolescence

According to a study by JAMA Pediatrics, a mother’s depression and anxiety from conception through the first year of the baby’s life is crucial.

About 15 to 23 percent of women worldwide experience this, and the burden is greater for women who live in poverty or are teen parents.

According to the study, the perinatal stage is when exposures and early life experiences may modify development. Starting from when the baby is in the womb all the way through their adolescent years.

As a result, your child could have deficits in language, cognitive, and motor development.

Experts suggest expecting and new mothers who are concerned about their mood should seek help from their physician and or psychologist early on.

It’s important to stay connected with supportive family, friends and other mothers.

They also suggest for moms to do activities that bring joy and to regularly practice self-care.

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