Check out the hilarious finalists for the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

What’s up with that fish face?

We could all probably use a reason to laugh after the unexpected year that 2020 has been thus far - look no further than the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

This year 44 images made it to the finals in a contest that not only provides some comic-relief but aims to highlight the message of wildlife conservation, according to awards officials.

Some lucky photographers even caught animals acting funny on video. You can check out those videos in the video player above.

A panel of judges will choose the top image but there is a People’s Choice Award that allows the public to vote for their favorite photo.

The overall winners and category winners will be announced on Oct. 27.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards officials are hoping to raise awareness about conservation and encourage consumers to shop locally and responsibly while trying to “avoid buying un-recyclable products and one-use plastics/packaging.”

Officials are also encouraging the use of plant boxes in windowsills, only utilizing air-travel if it’s necessary and becoming a “wild influencer" which means you might not be a “mega activist” but you “really, really care about the environment and want to do something to help.”

Check out some of the 44 finalist photos below:

View all the photos here.

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